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Welcome alumni, friends and fans,
When Ted Blackmar first opened Camp Forestcraft in 1948, who could have predicted that it would become the summer haven of so many adventuresome youths? Not limited just to the young, however, Forestcraft cast its spell on literally hundreds of people of all ages. Through its unique camp program, enthusiastic leaders, and tranquil Gilpin Bay setting, the experiences of each fortunate Forestcraft participant has varied, but for all, it holds special memories. Many of these fond recollections can be found in the hundreds of  photographs taken by those who visited Forestcraft. Certainly the most prolific of all these photographers was Ted, who left us nearly 40,000 slides.  Not all of these picture summers in the Adirondacks. Thousands depict his travels to Nepal, Patagonia and Europe.  But for this Web site, we are only showing the photos that serve as a record and celebration of those who participated in the legacy of Camp Forestcraft as campers, guests, and friends.   This site's purpose is solely for your enjoyment. Please help.  While Ted’s slides are the cornerstone of the site, we hope that you will send in any pictures you might have to add to the collection. Also, the notes for many pictures are incomplete.  If you see errors, can identify a face, name a location, or tell a story about the picture…please send us your comments. Special thanks to all the people who have edited this site, made identifications of friends from their past, or provided photos.  These folks include:  Robert Koegel, John Wall, Eric Kuhn, Greyson Kuhn, John Van Anden, Jim Lattin, Kinna Ohman, Polly Ohman, Dan Musick,  John Adams, Haynes Kelly, Tim Adams, Peter Ohman, Charlie Kuhn, David Bixby, Steve Van Anden, Nate Wilson, John Arndt, Lisa Yewer, Mathew Arndt, Lance Seeberhagen, Andy Gaillard, Tom Gaillard, Annie Wilson, Johnny Van Anden, Phil Hill, Warren Kuhn, Duncan Hill, Doug Bowen, Larry Farrelly, David McEniry, Fran Tully Eisenman, John Isom, Andrew Moran, Tracey Sweeney... Pictures on the site are organized by years, hopefully this will help you find pictures of those you remember. Ted Blackmar shaped the camp program in which so many of us matured and thrived.  As you look through these slides, we hope you will recall your own wonderful memories of Forestcraft summers.